Modern Kitchen Cabinets

modern kitchen cabinets

NewForm Kitchen & More is Southern California’s premier source for modern kitchen cabinets. We have been creating a wide range of elegant, stylish, and cutting-edge cabinets for nearly a decade. Our artistic mastery and high-quality craftsmanship set us apart from the competition. At our kitchen showroom in Orange County, we offer a range of beautiful modern kitchen cabinets.

Important Factors to Choosing Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are some of the most integral aspects of your kitchen, both when it comes to function as well as design. Cabinets are the most well-used and visible elements of your kitchen, and every other piece of kitchen furniture revolves around them. The right modern kitchen cabinets will subtly beautify your kitchen space while the wrong ones will stick out like a sore thumb.

Storage options are extremely crucial with modern kitchen cabinets. Not only do we offer the basic cabinets and drawers above and below the counter-top, but with modern kitchen cabinets, you can also opt for more options. An island or bar can make for more accessible workspace. We also have options for innovative storage racks to be incorporated in order to hold dinnerware, wine bottles, spices, or larger cooking and cleaning objects.

Hardwood Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The material chosen for your modern kitchen cabinets is probably the most fundamental aspect to consider. We offer gorgeous hardwood cabinets from the most high-quality maple, oak, and cherry. All of our wood cabinets come with staining options, which alters the tones and colors of the wood. Staining will also affect the graining patterns of any species of wood. Wood graining really makes each piece of hardwood modern kitchen cabinets add a unique look to the kitchen.  Many of our cabinets are also made of laminated or vinyl-coated products with a wood grain or a clean white look. These are durable and easy to clean.

Cabinet Doors

The doors on the cabinets provide the greatest nuances of expression. Cabinet doors do not usually have a plain flat surface (although they can). Doors come in a wide variety of designs and raised panel styles are most popular.  They can be very simple or very ornate. Knobs and handles can also be chosen with different designs and styles. Newer options of doors include doors made of   aluminum or thermo-foil and can go with any sort of casework whether wood or metal.

This kitchen style provides a modern look combined with easy to clean surfaces and an overall sanitary environment.

The Go-To Place for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

As the only California-based manufacturer of custom European life-space environments, NewForm Kitchen has established ourselves as the number one manufacturers of European styled, quality crafted modern kitchen cabinets. For the past decade, architects, designers and homeowners from all over Southern California have come to trust us for our quality designs. We work with industry professionals to bring their designs to life while adding our own expertise, ensuring that the cabinetry will always flow organically with the rest of the project.

Contact NewForm Kitchen today and come check out our kitchen showroom in Costa Mesa to learn more about our modern kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furnishings.