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Laguna Beach Remodel – NewForm Kitchen Prevents Problems Before They Arise

Laguna Beach is one of the most eclectic and dynamic cities in California. Known for years as an artist’s colony, Laguna Beach has led the state, and even the nation, on many progressive urban issues.

Nestled in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean south of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach officials strive to maintain a small town feel as they increasingly grappling with development.

Remodeling in Laguna Beach is unlike remodeling anywhere else. The right contractor will know the myriad rules and regulations and will work to avoid incurring penalties or the wrath of neighbors.

For example, Laguna Beach remodeling and construction rules prohibit anyone “… while engaged in construction, remodeling, digging, grading, demolition or any other related building activity, [to] operate any tool, equipment or machine in a manner which produces loud noise that disturbs a person of normal sensitivity who works or resides in the vicinity, or a peace or code enforcement officer, on any weekday except between the hours of seven-thirty a.m. and six p.m.”

In other words, your remodel may take place during the designated hours, but if you make too much noise, you may be fined. And what is an acceptable level of noise for a neighbor on one side may “disturb a [neighbor] of normal sensitivity” on the other side.

The knowledgeable staff at NewForm Kitchen is aware of this rule and many others because we have vast experience working in remodels in Laguna Beach. It is this knowledge that ensures a smooth Laguna Beach remodel in your home.

Those in Laguna Beach who wish to remodel their kitchens face a balancing act between preserving the history and integrity of Laguna Beach while providing functionality to this key room in the home.

No Orange County remodeling firm understands the uniqueness of Laguna Beach kitchens better than NewForm Kitchen. This understanding starts in the planning phase where we learn the personal nuances of your unique style and work to incorporate your design dreams into a kitchen space that is both stunning and functional.


Choose Kitchen Remodeling Orange County NewForm Kitchen

NewForm Kitchen makes kitchen remodeling in your Laguna Beach/Orange County home easy and enjoyable. As the only California-based manufacturer of custom cabinets and European life-space environments, NewForm Kitchen has become the preferred choice of numerous architects, designers and homeowners who are looking to bring the magic of Euro design kitchen style, quality craftsmanship, and a taste of Italy into their homebuilding projects.

Our NewForm artisans have years of training in the art of fine furnishings, while our craftsmen undergo continuous training and education to keep them ahead of the industry. Our highly experienced and skilled team is knowledgeable in all the latest innovations in Euro design kitchen and bath styles, ensuring that your order will always be expertly crafted. Ongoing, continuous improvement of our products and skills is a hallmark of NewForm Kitchen.

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