Kitchen Remodeling Orange County


See How Kitchen Remodeling in Orange County Increases the Value of Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling Orange County


Giving your home a facelift will undoubtedly increase its value. There are a number of ways to redecorate and renovate the home that pack a big punch—from landscaping to kitchen remodeling in Orange County, and Newform Kitchen is here to help.

Newform Kitchen Has the Best Kitchen Remodeling in Orange County

Some simple improvements can make a significant difference: kitchen remodeling in Orange County, giving appliances a facelift, buff up the bathroom, step up the storage, add a room or space, mind the mechanics, increase the light, reframe your entryway and consider curb appeal.

Consider how to make more of your floor plan. While bigger can be better, strategically increasing the amount of usable space in your home will boost its value. Buyers love open floor plans, as well as flexible living space. In order to achieve this, focus on the basement or the attic. When you refinish a basement, it can be transformed into a recreational room, a den, an office or a gym. Close this room off from the main area(s) and the room becomes even more functional. With the proper setup, a converted basement or attic can even be rented out. See if you can add an additional entrance to the basement, or other modular components. You can even use this space as a dedicated laundry room.

Increase the Value of Your Home with Kitchen Remodeling in Orange County

The kitchen is an area that holds great focus for many homeowners and prospective buyers. With modern and updated kitchen remodeling in Orange County, you can add new appliances as well as new countertops and flooring that will give your space a fresh look sure to draw buyers. With your kitchen modeling in Orange County, consider adding stainless steel. Stainless steel adds a clean, contemporary aesthetic to a space. Explore new versions of stainless steel, like black stainless steel. Quartz countertops are a great inclusion for kitchen remodeling in Orange County. With stone chips, resins and pigments used to engineer this material, heat, scratches, cuts and stains will be a thing of the past. Quartz leaves a premium impression, so don’t skimp on this sometimes overlooked material.

Kitchen Remodeling in Orange County Will Change Your Home

Lowering your home’s energy costs will generate interest in your home. Install energy efficient appliances, lights and windows. Energy costs are escalating, and this is a highly coveted aspect of modern living. When you replace windows and ensure the home has proper insulation, you can expect to enjoy much lower utilities costs. There are so many areas in the home that can be improved: consider low-flow toilets and shower heads, for example. Can you install solar panels, especially in an aesthetically pleasing manner? What about an outdoor composting unit? Get creative with how you make your home more efficient and eco-friendly.

Kitchen remodeling in Orange County will increase the value of your home. Visit NewForm Kitchen and Design, call 949-650-1472 or email