Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Will Make You Space Ready for the Holidays

Kitchen cabinets



If you’re readying your home for the holidays, Newform Kitchen is here to help. If you use our new kitchen cabinets you’ll see your kitchen completely renewed. Kitchen cabinets comprise a large amount of real estate within the kitchen, so this simple change will be a significant update. 


Consider including interesting kitchen cabinets pulls that can be as decorative or minimalistic as you desire. For your kitchen cabinets, you can utilize an array of colors. Use colors that are emblematic of your personality. Think outside of the box with your kitchen cabinets—when we create them for you, they’re specifically constructed to your specifications and needs. Whether you need space optimized or just stylized, Newform will recreate your kitchen in a way that suits you best. 


With Kitchen Cabinets Your House Will Look More Festive Than Ever 


Don’t forget to decorate your kitchen! Place a small evergreen tree on a counter and add edible decor like colorful candies and cranberry garlands. 


Use Kitchen Cabinets from Newform 


Your bar cart can get some holiday love as well, although it still needs to be functional. Add greenery to the borders and add festive glassware. You can even twine garland lights around the edges. 


Kitchen Cabinets Will Beautify Your Home 


When readying your home for entertaining and enjoying the holidays, add layers of greens. With pine, spruce and juniper, the more you use, the better. Spritz the branches to see them fresh, add birch twigs, winterberry and splashes of sparkles, whether that includes shining pine cones or stems. 


If you’re still receiving paper cards, it can be fun to display them. Affix a line across a wall or overhanging a door and drop the cards onto it or secure them with a clothes pin. Add a rustic ladder to you home and not only can you display cards on it, but you can twine garland lights around the legs for festive flair. 


There are so many different wreaths you can add to your home. Make a wreath entirely of glass ornaments by simply gluing them together with a hot glue gun. Add colorful ribbons. Make wreaths of glittering twine. 


Candles help boost the holiday spirit. Use candle holders in a variety of celebratory colors, add mercury painted receptacles, and even rustic candle holders enwrapped in wood bark or birch bark. Tall candlesticks make a big impression, but don’t forget that you can add lanterns as well. 


When you have guests at your home, ensure that they’re welcomed with the spirit of the holidays. Boil cinnamon, cranberry and citrus and your home will smell marvelous. Create a hot cocoa or s’mores station in the kitchen or on a car cart. This could include marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, graham cracker crumble and candy canes!


Kitchen cabinets will beautify your kitchen. Visit NewForm Kitchen Design, call 949-650-1472 or email