Getting Ready

The following are general steps that clients will follow from the beginning of receiving an estimate through the end of completion. Although many clients will encounter similar situations, we approach each client individually, so there could be minor differences between each project.

  1. The client roughly measures their kitchen and/or bathroom and makes a simple drawing that shows the walls, appliances, doors, windows, and measurements. Next, the client will come to our showroom, which is one of the largest kitchen showrooms in Orange County County. Here they will see 15 full size kitchen displays, as well as many other door styles. This will also be a chance for the client to see the quality of our work in person, as well as the mechanisms and accessories that make our kitchens unique. Once the customer has chosen a specific door style, a designer will design the kitchen and/or bath based on the drawing provided by the customer and estimate the project based on the door style the customer has chosen. The Preliminary Budget Design and Estimate is absolutely free and is intended to give the client an idea of what to expect for their upcoming project without having them make any financial obligations until they are ready to work with us.
  2. Once the design and estimate is complete (usually within one week), the customer will return to the showroom where they will meet with the designer. The designer will present the customers the design, explaining it in detail with 3D images and informing the customer to other options. The designer will also present the estimate to the customer and answer any questions the customer may have. Every estimate is broken down into four parts: Materials, Sales Tax, Delivery, and Installation.
  3. If the price of the project fits the customer’s budget, and once the customer is ready, an appointment will be set with designer to come to take professional measurements of their home. The in-home consultation will include taking a second look at the design and noting any changes that they client may want.
  4. With notes from the in-home consultation, the designer will rework the design according to the new measurements and make any changes requested by the client.
  5. Once the design has been completed, another meeting will be set with the client to review the design and cost estimate. The design will be revised until the client feels it is perfect.
  6. When the final design is agreed upon, a contract will be prepared. At the time the contract is signed, a 50% deposit for cost of materials is required.
  7. Based on each project, a scheduled timeline will be organized to help the client. The schedule will cover everything from demolition to completion.
  8. Production of the client’s kitchen or bath usually within 4 weeks, during this time the contractor will be preparing the room for installation. Preparations include demolition, patching drywall, new flooring if wanted, and moving plumbing and electrical if necessary.
  9. When the project is ready for installation, the cabinets will be delivered and the client will pay the second half of the materials, as well as the sales tax and delivery. Installation for an average sized kitchen usually takes 2 to 3 days.
  10. Once the cabinets are installed, the client will pay for the installation and the countertop fabricator will make a template of the countertop. Fabrication of the countertop usually takes 7 working days . In most cases, installation of the countertop is the final piece of the remodeling puzzle and will complete the client’s project!