Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are Integral To Your Kitchen Remodel


Custom Kitchen Cabinets


No matter the style of your home and kitchen—modern or traditional, rustic chic or artsy vintage, NewForm Kitchen has everything you need to rejuvenate your space, including custom kitchen cabinets. NewForm has a state of the art showroom in Orange County that displays custom European style pieces in an array of designs.

There’s No Limit Of Style With Custom Kitchen Cabinets


When designing your custom kitchen cabinets, you can adhere to a particular style or theme, such as nautical or provincial. Or you can stand out with a design that is all your own. Whatever the case, there are innumerable desirable choices for your custom kitchen cabinets.


For example, your custom kitchen cabinets could be dual color such that they’re one color on the outside and a different color on the inside, as revealed by clear doors. You could even have festive wallpaper on the inside of the custom kitchen cabinets. This way, you can include a pop of color and character without overwhelming the space. On the other hand, if you’re an all-or-nothing character, go full throttle with color. Get creative! You can have a glaze applied to your custom kitchen cabinets, you can have your custom kitchen cabinets painted with milk paint, or you can add a high glaze atop a rich hue and have an absolutely unforgettable kitchen.


You have to consider your needs when designing custom kitchen cabinets. Are you in need of more space? Do you entertain frequently? With all this in mind, you may contemplate adding a kitchen island. An island with custom kitchen cabinets has so many options—you can include chairs, hooks for pots and pans, pull out shelving. Your custom kitchen cabinets can be raised off the ground for easy cleaning. Better, the custom kitchen cabinets can run all the way from the ground to the ceiling to maximize space usage. For that instance, you can add a rolling ladder to the kitchen to reach all those high spaces.


Custom kitchen cabinets should reflect all the glory that is you. They can be made of mixed materials, such as a mix of chestnut and stainless steel, they can have door-faces made of fabric, or even doors that slide to the inside/outside of the cabinets for added space.


To heighten the appearance of more space for your custom kitchen cabinets, add frosted glass doors, high gloss/reflecting materials to door-faces or even mirrors to the doors. Why not add touches of whimsy, with doors with eccentric materials such as metal grating for a barn style kitchen, or portholes on the doors for a nautical style. Doors can have contrasting colored piping on them, or can even be gilded. Add interesting door pulls and knobs made of anything from rope to ceramic animal busts for instant conversation starters. Or, your custom kitchen cabinets may be devoid of handles all together with modern hand pulls.


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