Custom Kitchen Cabinets Orange County

Premier Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Orange County

Custom kitchen cabinets in Orange County, California are available at NewForm Kitchen. Are you in the market for new custom kitchen modern cabinets in Orange County? If so, visit the experts at NewForm Kitchen for a wide range of beautiful cabinets that will revamp your property in no time at all! NewForm Kitchen offers elegant, stylish, functional and cutting-edge custom kitchen cabinets in Orange County.

Over the past several years, many people have come to NewForm Kitchen for their custom kitchen cabinets in Orange County. Whether you are interested in modern or contemporary kitchen design, we have it all. Our wide selection of custom kitchen cabinets in Orange County has become more and more popular among those with the best taste in Southern California. People want fashionable kitchens the same way that they desire the latest designer purse or high heels. Our team of skilled designers knows exactly what you are looking for. When creating your new kitchen or when redesigning your kitchen, consider the perspective that the cabinets are the most important part of your kitchen, which is the center or heart of your home. The interior design experts at NewForm Kitchen will listen to you describe how your dream kitchen looks and feels. We will listen to the details of your vision and then we will point you in the right direction so that you can have the most stylish kitchen amongst your friends and family.

Our custom kitchen cabinets in Orange County can be found in a showroom, which features a range of options, all of which can be seen on beforehand on our website. Some of our most popular designs are:

● Logica Foil
● Logica Wood
● Sfera
● Spazio
● Butterfly
● Capri
● Quadro
● Domino
● Gaia
● Tendy
● Carnaby
● Vela

How to Protect Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Orange County

Are you interested in learning some essential tips for keeping your custom kitchen cabinets in Orange County as clean and well maintained as possible for years to come?

● Make a cleaning solution that uses grease-cutting dish or laundry detergent and water to clean your cabinets. Mix together 1 cup of detergent and 2 cups of warm water; add more in corresponding portions as needed. Scrub with a soft sponge or clean cloth!
● Use baking soda on a warm, wet sponge and scrub any stains or paste off your cabinets. Consider using a toothbrush for any hard to reach areas.
● When it comes to wooden cabinets, you should mix together ½ cup of all purpose liquid cleaner, white vinegar and/or wood cleaner with ½ cup of water. Combine in a spray bottle, apply generously and then rinse with a sponge for sparkling cabinets.

To learn more about NewForm Kitchen and our beautifully crafted custom kitchen cabinets in Orange County, California, please visit NewForm Kitchen and Design, call 949-650-1472 or email