Custom Closets Orange County

In addition to custom closets Orange County, we also do kitchens.
In addition to custom closets Orange County, we also do kitchens.

Beautiful Custom Closets in Orange County

NewForm Kitchen & More offers stylish craftsmanship when it comes to a range of products for your kitchen, bathroom, and closets. When it comes to custom closets in Orange County, we provide premier quality and cutting-edge design. Our products are guaranteed to withstand the test of time, wear and tear, and never go out of style.

Many of our patrons visit the NewForm Kitchen showroom located in Orange County so they can see our amazing products in person and really get a feel for what their dream kitchen, bathroom, or closet may look like. There’s nothing like actually visiting one of our showrooms in person to take your vision and the design process to the next step.

These days, many celebrities and other stylish people in the know make it a point to renovate or refurbish their home’s closet. For custom closets in Orange County, we offer skilled craftsman, high-quality materials, and reliable and reasonably priced services. Whether you think that your dream closet includes a separate “his” and “hers” area, an island storage unit, or an extensive shoe shelf to display your beautiful wardrobe- our creative design team can give you exactly what you want.

Custom Closets Crafted by Skilled Experts

We strive to provide the Southern California community with ergonomic and state-of-the-art cabinets for their kitchen and bathroom as well as custom closets that will truly wow their friends and family! Our artisanal team has years of training in the art of fine furnishings and we encourage each of our craftsmen to continue their education to keep them on the forefront of industry trends and methods.

In addition to our custom closets in Orange County, we focus on creating amazing custom bars, entertainment centers, and both residential and commercial office spaces. You can see images of many of our design accomplishments here. Our kitchen designs range from modern to traditional and encapsulate the time-honored traditions of exquisite craftsmanship and modern innovation. From ultra-clean and minimalistic-inspired design options to ornate and European-inspired kitchen designs, we have it all. Our bathroom designs are classic, elegant, and functional; they can be both family friendly and bachelor cool.

We strive to create custom closets in Orange County that are beautiful and will withstand time and stress. Our goal is for you to have the closet of your dreams and not just for the time being, but also for years and years to come. In addition to creating a comfortable and stylish home, a custom closet will increase the overall value of your home. Consider your custom closet project as both a short and long-term investment- the best of both worlds! After collaborating closely with our team of creative designs you will be sure to feel confident that you are working on the closet of your dreams.

For amazing custom closets in Orange County, contact our team of creative and skilled designers at NewForm Kitchen. At your convenience, call 949-650-1472 or visit our website for more information about discussing your project with our premier designers and visiting our showrooms.