Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends

Newform Kitchen Will Make Your Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends Dreams Come True

Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends


The kitchen is the center of the home that can be both functional as well as a reflection of your personality. With contemporary kitchen design trends that provide ideas and inspiration, let Newform Kitchen elevate your most popular spaces.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends Will Renovate Your Home

A component of the common contemporary kitchen design trends are quartz countertops. Instead of having laminate countertops that are very common and can be pretty boring, upgrade the quality of materials you’re using. Composite surfaces allow for more possibilities, especially concerning price range. With the inclusion of quartz countertops, your kitchen has a sense of opulence for a modest price.

Contemporary kitchen design trends that are hotter than ever include an industrial aesthetic. The trend can include exposed brick and pipes, rustic metals and woods and minimalism, especially for furniture. Inspired by factories and lofts, if this trend seems like a huge commitment, you can simply include industrial inspired aspects rather than have entire walls of exposed brick. The trend combines the beauty of wood, stone and concrete to repurpose and redefine spaces.

Let Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends Improve Your Home

Handleless units are a sleek choice for contemporary kitchen design trends. It provides a linear, contemporary aesthetic that is strikingly modern. Pair this trend with gloss finishes and earthy hues. Traditional grained woods and natural finishes allow the rest of the space to shine. Even simple wood stains as opposed to loud colors allow for other pieces in the space to stand out.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends Will Provide So Many Ideas for Your Home

A key contemporary kitchen design trends includes clutter free surfaces. It opens up space and allows for a sense of tranquility. In the kitchen, it allows one to calmly prepare food in an organized fashion. Have organized shelving units and even inner drawer organization so that items such as spices are easily accessible.

On a similar note, you need quality storage solutions. Hide what appliances you can in an organized fashion.

Monochrome tones are always en vogue, but are making a resurgence this year. This includes neutral palettes, but can also include tones of blue, green or other hues. These colors can span entire cabinets, worktops and can include appliances. You can style your kitchen in shades of black, white and grey.

Cabinets are getting a modern makeover when it comes to paint and styling. The chunkier cabinet profile is a thing of the past being replaced by slimmer, thinner contouring for classical proportions for a modern aesthetic. There are so many creative ways to have your cabinets painted, even if you’re making a small color change. You can emulate tile work through cabinet painting, you can add pops of color, or you can even add color seaming to your cabinets.

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