Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

NewForm Kitchen Will Make Your Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends Dreams Come True

Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

The bathroom is not just a functional space, but an area that can be bursting with personality. If you follow contemporary bathroom design trends with Newform Kitchen, you’ll have a plethora of ideas and inspiration to make your bathroom the best it can be.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends Will Elevate Your Home

Bold color is an excellent choice for contemporary bathroom design trends for the year. While during the former year splashes of color were en vogue, this year embrace full on color for entire rooms. Green is the color of the year, and it comes in hues of forest green, lime green and jade green. Contrast the color of greenery with brass fittings such as drawer pulls and accent it with white, including white tile and countertops.

Contemporary bathroom design trends that can infuse a ton of personality into your space include pattered tile. Patterned tile can include Mediterranean and Moorish motifs. There are so many variations of this exciting trend—you can even create patterned tile art. This theme can follow further than just the floor, but can extend to the walls. There can even be more than one tile theme, as long as they’re not competing with each other. On a similar note, use contemporary bathroom design trends to have inventive tile layouts. That can include subway, hex and square tiles laid out in a creative manner for huge visual impact. Multiple colors can be employed for graphic flair.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends Will Provide So Many Ideas for Your Home

Wallpaper is an underused component of the contemporary bathroom design trends. While wallpaper has traditional and even antiquated impressions, its gotten a revitalization that means it can be utilized in so many new and exciting ways. Wallpaper can be used in areas more than just entire walls—it can be used as an accent in your bathrooms. While you have to maintain your wallpaper when it lives in your bathroom, due to potential moisture damage, it will inject a ton of character into this space.

Let Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends Improve Your Home

Bathroom cabinets have become less ostentatious than of previous years, and have taken on a more simple form. While tile and wallpaper take on the focus of the room, allow cabinets to be sleek with colors and materials more plain and neutral.

Dark metals are all the rage this year. Tones such as matte black, black pewter and bronze are making a huge impression on the interior design world. Mix different tones and textures to create an intriguing and mixed, modern aesthetic.

Functional storage that is customized is an excellent way to make your bathroom more usable than ever. Upgrade antique cabinets and install custom built pieces to fit all of your belongings in one place.

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