Bathroom Vanities Orange County

Bathroom Vanities in Orange County Can Enliven Your Space

Bathroom Vanities Orange County

Optimizing space for a small living area can be difficult, especially when you remodel. With new bathroom vanities in Orange County, you can add style as well as functionality to your bathroom. New bathroom vanities in Orange County will allow you to store all items off of the countertops, decluttering the space and allowing for you to fit even more into the bathroom.

Express Yourself With Bathroom Vanities in Orange County

When remodeling your bathroom, consider creating a uniform aesthetic. This begins with your walls, floor and ceiling. Consider adding crown molding to the ceiling to add a sense of majesty to the space. You can even add textured foam peel and stick tile to the ceiling for an unexpected pop of character. Your walls can be traditional hues, or you can add wood paneling. These panels come in a rainbow of eclectic hues, such as forest green to blood red. You can even add a tiled backsplash behind your sink for some sparkle and character. Rows of tile and/or natural tile can be added to the space between your shower and the ceiling. You can hang towels from silver faux antlers, or from the rungs of a rustic ladder. If you have any recessed areas in your bathroom, add texture or tile to the backing for pops of sparkles and intrigue.

With bathroom vanities in Orange County, you can match and/or complement the rest of the room’s style. New bathroom vanities in Orange County will immediately elevate the room with a modern feel. These bathroom vanities in Orange County are made to your specifications. You can create bathroom vanities in Orange County that have 20 drawers or 2 drawers. You can design compartments that specially fit your belongings, including your toiletries to decorative pieces. Bathroom vanities in Orange County can be designed to look like they’re from an English palace or can look like they’re Frank Ghery’s amorphous design. With space being an issue in even the largest bathroom, use bathroom vanities in Orange County to store everything from make-up to towels and other bathroom goods.

To add some personal touches to your bathroom, consider what kind of aesthetic you want to emulate, or how you want to feel in the space. For example, if you want the bathroom to feel big and airy, you can mount an assortment of mirrors on a wall. This may necessitate a visit to a flea market to find pieces you won’t see anywhere else.

To make everything in the bathroom feel as though they’re from the same collection, use similar containers to store lotions, shampoo and other liquids. You can even use a crystal decanter for your mouthwash. How your towels are displayed can be executed in a stylish manner.

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