Bathroom Remodeling Orange County

Bathroom Remodeling Orange County

Many years ago, a famous restauranteur conducted an informal study and discovered that after entering one of his restaurants, the first place that about 25% of his customers went was to the men’s or ladies’ bathroom.


At that point, he decided to enact new, high standards for the bathrooms throughout his restaurant chain so that customers would have the proper first impression.

The guest bathroom or bathrooms in your home are no different. Often, guests may use a bathroom in your home and generate their impression of the rest of the home, among other considerations, simply from that short visit.

But there are more reasons for bathroom remodeling in your Orange County home with NewForm Kitchen & More than to create the right impression for your guests.

Private bathrooms – the ones used by you and your family – must be safe. Cracked or broken glass, shower doors, or countertop tiles can cause injury at any time.

Your bathroom remodeling project from NewForm Kitchen & More will add tremendous value to your home. In a competitive housing market such as Orange County a remodeled bathroom can often return 100% of the cost when it’s time to sell.

A remodeled bathroom from NewForm Kitchen & More can also help resolve any mold, mildew or plumbing issues you may have.

Perhaps the most important reason for a bathroom remodeling project from NewForm Kitchen & More is to provide you with a much greater sense of comfort, pride, and satisfaction in these key rooms of your Orange County home.

Your bathrooms are a place that is often associated with peace and privacy. At NewForm Kitchen & More, our bathroom remodeling projects throughout Orange County have provided our customers with bathrooms that are comfortable and inviting. And our guest bathroom remodels with leave your guests with a lasting positive impression.

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NewForm Kitchen & More makes bathroom remodeling in your Orange County home easy and enjoyable. As the only California-based manufacturer of custom cabinets and European life-space environments, NewForm Kitchen & More has become the preferred choice of numerous architects, designers and homeowners who are looking to bring the magic of Euro design kitchen style, quality craftsmanship, and a taste of Italy into their bathroom remodeling projects.

Our NewForm artisans have years of training in the art of fine furnishings, while our craftsmen undergo continuous training and education to keep them ahead of the industry. Our highly experienced and skilled team is knowledgeable in all the latest innovations in Euro design kitchen and bath styles, ensuring that your bathroom remodeling order will always be expertly crafted. Ongoing, continuous improvement of our products and skills is a hallmark of NewForm Kitchen.

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