Bathroom Remodel in Orange County

Have the Best Bathroom Remodel in Orange County by NewForm

Bathroom Remodel Orange County

Giving your home a facelift will undoubtedly increase its value. There are a number of ways to redecorate and renovate your home that pack a big punch—from landscaping to a bathroom remodel in Orange County and Newform Kitchen is here to help.

The Best Bathroom Remodel in Orange Country is Done by NewForm

Kitchen: Pay careful attention to the kitchen, which is known as the heart of the home. You want to ensure that it’s updated and allows for ample storage. Replacing the kitchen faucet, cabinets and old lighting make a huge difference. Often the aesthetic of the kitchen is what makes the biggest impression. Refinishing the cabinets, replacing them and repainting them makes the entire kitchen remodeled. Appliances need to be updated as well, and they need to match. Mixing and matching appliances create a sense of messiness and generally looks haphazard. Your fridge, dishwasher and more should match.

Revamp Your Space with a Bathroom Remodel in Orange County

Bathroom Remodel in Orange County: Giving your bathroom a facelift with a bathroom remodel in Orange County means that you need to first start with a budget. No matter how big or small your allocated resources are for a bathroom remodel in Orange County, a budget is necessary. The more resources you use for the addition of the bathroom remodel in Orange County, the more detailed your budget should be. Consider updating at least the toilet seat if not the toilet all together. Replace the floor—you may not even have to tear up the old floor, but you may be able to install the new floor over the top of the old one. Regrouting the bathroom tile, including in the shower, and replace chipped tile.

Increase Your Home’s Value with a Bathroom Remodel in Orange County

Storage: Many older homes suffer from lack closet space. Adding as much storage and closet space to your home as possible is integral to increasing its value. You can even redesign your closet online so that you know exactly what your closet will look like. You want to make spaces as functional as possible such that all spaces are used as efficiently as possible. You can turn a den into a bedroom through simply installing a door and closet(s). That way, you can also specialize the closet to your needs.

Flooring: Carpet versus wood flooring makes all the difference in a home. Especially in Southern California, carpet is out and wood flooring is in. Carpet can add heat to an already warm to temperate climate and can appear very dated. But be careful of what kind of wood you have in place—does it have excessive wear and tear or is outdated? Replacing the floors can have a great impact.

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