10 Tips for Bathroom Refinishing

Tips for Bathroom Refinishing

These tips for bathroom refinishing will help you get your bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, counters, and tiles sparkling like new. Newform Kitchen is here with a great supply of bathroom fixtures to help you remodel your bathroom.

To make sure your bathroom refinishing job has a polished, durable, and professional look, make sure to follow these simple tips for bathroom refinishing.

10 Tips for Bathroom Refinishing:

  1. Protect the surface of your fixtures when any remodeling or the like is taking place around it.
  2. Use a cutting board and trivets (hot pads) to protect your new countertop surface.
  3. Allow 24 hours for the finish to cure before you go ahead with recaulking, if you choose to recaulk.
  4. Don’t use your refinished fixture until any necessary caulking has been done and allowed to cure properly.
  5. For the first seven days after refinishing your bathtub or shower, wipe your tub or shower dry after every use.
  6. Cleaning your new surface on a regular basis is recommended to insure its high gloss and professional look. We recommend the following cleaner
  • Clean
  • Simple Green
  • Gel Gloss
  • Diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 4 parts water)
  • Dish washing Liquid Soap (such as Dawn, Joy or Ivory)
  • A dish washing liquid and vinegar solutions (1 quart water, 2 tablespoons liquid soap, 1 cup vinegar) is also recommended.
  • Soft Scrub (for extreme cases)
  • Liquid Comet (in moderation for smaller areas)
  1. The use of certain products on or around your newly finished bathroom fixtures can damage their polished look. Certain chemicals will cause a dull surface and / or easily recognizable chemical cracks. The use of abrasive cleaners / cleansers will dull the gloss of the surface over a period of time. Make sure to keep your new surface clear of the following products:
  • Hair dyes
  • Liquid bandages
  • Muriatic acid
  • Food colorings
  • Sharp objects
  • Any acidic or caustic chemicals such as CLF, Lime Away, or The Works.
  • Abrasive scouring pad
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Scrubbing Bubbles (or any cleaner that comes as a propellant)
  • Ammonia cleaners
  • Fantastic
  • Tough Act
  • Top Job
  • Acetone
  • Clean Shower
  • Abrasives such as Comet, Ajax or Bar Keepers Friend.
  1. Don’t bathe your pets in your new finished tub. Dog bathing would almost certainly scratch up your finish and void your warranty. And children’s toys should be monitored to insure only soft plastics, sponge and rubber toys are used.
  2. Do not use a bath mat w/ suction cups under any circumstance. If a non-suction cup type mat is used it must be removed after every use.
  3. Never use a (Draino) type of pipe cleaner w/standing water in the fixture. It should be poured directly down the drain and splashing should be rinsed immediately.

When you implement these tips for bathroom refinishing, you’ll be sure to see a continued professional sheen in your bathroom.

Newform Kitchen is ready to partner with you as you remodel your bathroom. Contact us today for bathroom fixtures and tips for bathroom refinishing.