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When undertaking Orange County kitchen remodeling, there are so many considerations for your project. You want to choose an appropriate color palette for your Orange County kitchen remodeling. You may find color inspiration from art, from nature, from someone else’s home or simply from a prefixed color palette. A good color rule to abide by is the 60/30/10 rule stipulating that you divide a room, such as the kitchen, into 60% of the dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, and 10% of an accent color.

Add Character To Your Orange County Kitchen Remodeling With Color

When choosing colors for your kitchen, be conscious of how certain colors make you feel. Ensure that the colors inspire in you. For some, painting a wall black is absolutely macabre, but for others, it’s a gutsy style statement. Review a color wheel to see what colors complement each other, and what colors clash. Make a few illustrations online or in person where you put items or swatches together to see if your vision truly works. This can include contrasting or analogous colors.

Remember that there are innumerable shades of every color and hue—including shades of white! Choose wisely and precisely. When using color to pull a room together for your Orange County kitchen remodeling, ensure that the colors you use for your walls are included in floor pieces, such as rugs or accessories. Don’t forget that different colors can make a space look bigger or smaller, depending on how they’re placed with other colors and if they’re cool or warm colors. Add eccentricity and character by putting warm and cool colors together in your Orange County kitchen remodeling. Consider pairing orange with turquoise and navy with gold. When using neutral or natural tones, include unexpected pops of color in your Orange County kitchen remodeling. Embrace the Orange County desert and use bright green pieces with slate colors—consider green vases, lush green plants and green covers for pendant lighting.

A single item can be your color inspiration for your entire Orange County kitchen remodeling. A mango, for instance, that has an array of color, can be your reference piece. You can paint the inside of your cabinets a bright sunny orange against white. Or you can use ruby colored cabinet pulls. Even a photo can provide the nostalgia you need to inspire a color palette. Your existing space—or closet even, are good places to start when considering what colors to include in your Orange County kitchen remodeling. This way you’ll be working within a world that is familiar and comfortable to you. However, you could be pleasantly surprised if you broaden your horizons and go outside of your comfort zone. Take the plunge!

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